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Terms and conditions

Unless otherwise agreed, the following agreement applies to the rental of cabins and rooms in hostels as well as pitches for tents, caravans, campers and motorhomes for groups , i.e. special arrangements for larger groups or all bookings made by companies, associations and the like. Our booking conditions are based on the conditions for renting campsites, cabins and apartments drawn up by professional organisations (camping and tourism) and the Consumer Agency.


Group bookings can be made by telephone (0511-621 09) or e-mail( Once you have booked, we will send you a booking confirmation. Check that the content of the booking confirmation corresponds to what you booked. If you find any errors in the confirmation, you must inform us as soon as possible (within 24 hours from the time of booking).

When booking, you are required to provide at least your name, address, nationality, telephone number, e-mail, date of arrival and departure and the method of payment.

Payment of the accommodation is made in advance and your booking is binding for both parties only when the entire booking has been paid.

Payment must be received by Valle Camping AB no later than 28 days before arrival. Failure to pay on time is considered a cancellation and the cancellation rules apply.


Payment of accommodation for groups is made by invoice. If agreed, payment can also be made by card or cash.


Cancellations must always be made by telephone 0511-621 09 or e-mail The cancellation is only valid after you have received a written confirmation of your cancellation from us by e-mail.

If cancelled more than 28 days before arrival, the amount will be refunded. In case of cancellation with less than 28 days left until arrival, no part of the amount will be refunded. We have the right to charge you for any agreed amount that has not been paid.


Booking changes can be made until 28 days before arrival, subject to availability. Inquiries about changes to bookings are made by telephone +46511621 09.


If you choose to depart earlier than planned, no money will be refunded unless otherwise agreed with us.


The accommodation is available from. 16.00 on the day of arrival and is available until kl. 11.00 on the day of departure (for camping and pitches, from 16.00 on the day of arrival until 12.00 on the day of departure). If you check out later than this, a new daily fee will be charged according to the current price list.


The client is responsible for adequate departure cleaning according to the instructions given. In case of insufficient cleaning of the cabin, a fee of 800 SEK per accommodation unit will be charged. In case of insufficient cleaning of the hostel, a fee of SEK 3 000 will be charged.


In our accommodation, pets are only allowed in the camping cabins and only upon prior notification and payment of the additional fee. Pets are not allowed in the hostel. In case of unannounced pets, the booking will be charged the full cleaning fee (min 800 SEK).


You must be 18 years old to book/stay with us. The person booking is responsible for ensuring that everyone in the group takes note of and follows the given rules of order, see below.


During your stay at the campsite, our regulations apply (available here or in writing on request). All guests in the party or any visitors to the guests must comply with the rules.

Violation of the rules and regulations of the facility, or breach of the contract in general, may lead to immediate termination of the contract. Valle Camping AB reserves the right to close the accommodation and remove the guest’s belongings in the event of immediate termination of the agreement. In the event of eviction, the amount due is calculated on the basis of the current daily rate applied during the time you have had access to the accommodation/place, plus a deduction for estimated damage. Any difference will be refunded within 10 days of eviction.


In the event that the stay cannot be carried out due to an obstacle beyond our control and which we could not reasonably have anticipated at the time the contract was concluded and whose consequences we could not reasonably have avoided or overcome, we shall be free from liability for damages or other sanctions. Both parties have the right to withdraw from the rental agreement if the group accommodation cannot be provided due to acts of war, natural disasters, labour disputes, prolonged interruptions in water or energy supply, fire or other similar major events, which neither you nor we could foresee or influence. In this case, we are obliged to reimburse you as soon as possible for what you have paid, minus the benefit you have received from the group home. However, we will not reimburse you for any costs you have incurred or which arise as a result of the premature termination of your stay.


The right of withdrawal under the Act (2005:59) on Distance Contracts and Contracts away from Business Premises is exempted for contracts on accommodation, lodging or leisure activities and therefore you cannot withdraw from a contract on the rental of accommodation (room, cabin or pitch for a tent, caravan or motorhome).


If you have a complaint, please contact us directly (0511-621 09). If we know nothing, we can do nothing! Be aware that your chances of getting redress may be reduced if you delay in complaining. If you fail to report a fault, you cannot claim compensation.


At Valle Camping AB, we process personal data about those who use our services and products. Valle Camping AB is the data controller with regard to personal data related to your booking. Such personal data processing is carried out in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Please read our current Privacy Policy to understand how we process your personal data in the context of your booking, and your rights in this regard. You can find our privacy policy on our website.


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