Rules of order and well-being

Terms and conditions

In order to create well-being for everyone, we have a number of rules of order and well-being that apply to all residents and guests at Valle Camping. It is your responsibility, as the one who booked accommodation or activities, to ensure that everyone in your party is aware of and follows these rules.

Sound level

  • We want everyone to be able to sleep well at night. Therefore, it should be quiet and peaceful at the campsite from 11:00 PM in the evening until 7:00 AM in the morning.
  • Please remember to respect your new neighbors even during daytime activities such as driving, playing ball, noise from talking, TV, radio, music, etc. Be considerate!

Ball games

  • Football games are directed to the “football field”. Show respect for your neighbors during all ball games on the premises.


  • Motor traffic on the campsite is only permitted between your cabin/room/campsite and the exit/reception. Therefore, any form of joyriding or “börnande” as we call it here on the “slätta” is not allowed.
  • At Valle Camping, there are often children playing. Drive at walking speed and always give way to those who are walking or cycling.

Charging of vehicles

  • Charging of electric vehicles is only permitted with a special electric car charger, type-2, at designated charging spots.
  • Prepaid charging applies per night and vehicle. In case of violation/misuse, an additional fee will be charged, see below.
  • The rest of the electrical system (Schuko outlets) is not designed to handle this type of load, which means that connecting an electric car to regular outlets can lead to interruptions in the power supply or, in the worst case, a fire.
  • It is therefore STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to connect plug-in vehicles to our regular power outlets (for example, plug-in hybrids, electric cars, electric scooters, etc.) via any of the outlets at the campsite.
  • Violation of the prohibition against connecting a chargeable vehicle or misuse of prepaid charging will incur an additional fee of 800 SEK. If the vehicle is not parked at the booked accommodation, the vehicle owner will be charged a violation fee for illegal parking/illegal placement of the vehicle in the camping area.

Vehicle Washing

  • The campsite is located in a highly sensitive natural area, and all rinsing and washing of vehicles pose a significant risk to nature. All forms of vehicle washing are therefore strictly prohibited on the premises and are subject to fines and notification to the authorities. Of course, we are happy to provide tips on where you can wash your car in an environmentally friendly manner if you wish to do so during your vacation.


  • Keep clean & tidy around you and help us keep the campsite clean and litter free.
  • Leave the common areas (such as toilets, wash and shower rooms, sauna, kitchen and dishes) in the same condition as you wish to find them.
  • Sort and dispose of your rubbish at the environmental station.


  • In our accommodations, dogs are only allowed in camping cottages (not in the hostel).
  • To bring pets into the cabin, you must give prior notice and pay a pet fee.
  • If you have pets with you and are staying in one of our accommodations, you must let us know at reception.
  • Pets must never be left unattended in our accommodation. If pets are still left in any of our accommodations, we reserve the right to enter and temporarily take care of the animal at your expense.
  • Your pet is surely the kindest in the world, but out of respect for other people, pets, and wildlife, all pets must be kept on a leash on the premises.
  • Valle Camping is close to nature but at the same time it is a campsite where many people can stay so of course we pick up after our pets.

Guests to guests

  • Any overnight guests as well as extra cars must be registered upon arrival and are subject to payment. Guests are considered those who are not present during check-in.


  • Do not use disposable grills; instead, borrow one of our charcoal grills available on the premises. All grilling must be done with caution and at a safe distance from anything flammable. Any fire bans must be adhered to. When grilling or using a fire pit, our fire safety rules must be followed; you can find these rules here.
  • Please do not dispose of burning charcoal or other flammable items in our bins, but put them in the designated area.
  • Here you can find more information about barbecues and barbecue areas.

Fire safety

  • On arrival, note where fire extinguishers are located.
  • If there is a fire: Save – Warn – Alert (112) – Extinguish.
  • That is: save people in danger, warn the surroundings and alert the emergency services.
  • If possible, move camping equipment and other combustibles and try to extinguish if you have an extinguisher or hose, but do not take unnecessary risks.
  • Always notify the reception if you have any questions, have noticed any danger or if there has been an accident.

Smoking ban

  • There is a total smoking ban in the hostel, all cabins, service buildings, on the docks, and other common areas. It doesn’t matter if you are alone on the dock, as it can prevent others from going out on the docks, smoking is prohibited on both the bathing dock and the fishing dock regardless of who is there.
  • Guests who violate the smoking ban may be charged for clean-up costs.

Damage to property

  • The campsite or the staff are not responsible for any damage to or loss of the campers’ belongings.
  • Anyone who damages buildings, materials or guests’ belongings may be liable for compensation.

Other rules of order and well-being

  • Any additional instructions and rules of conduct posted on the site or available in our accommodation must be followed (e.g. instructions for cleaning, hostels and kitchens).

Is there anything you would like to bring to our attention? You are always welcome to contact us at the reception with your comments and questions 0511-621 09 –

Updated: 240101