Swimming spots


At Valle Camping, it’s always close to swimming, of course, as we have our own jetty and beach on the premises. However, sometimes you might feel like taking a trip to try a different swimming spot in another lake, or why not at a water park outdoors or indoors.

Therefore, we have gathered links to various swimming spots in the vicinity here. But first, some more information about the swimming area at Valle Camping.

The swimming area at Valle Camping

Our swimming area is located by Lake Husgärdessjön, which is one of the larger lakes in the Valle area. There is a small beach with sand/gravel, and wading out from the shore, you reach a softer bottom consisting of calcified reed roots, creating a kind of calcareous clay bottom. The calcium-rich and nutrient-poor water provides clear and fine water, and visibility is relatively good.

Beach or jetty

If you don’t like the soft bottom, you can take advantage of the sauna jetty and jump in from there or go down to the ladder that is there. Directly out from the jetty, it quickly becomes deep, and the lake is deepest at about 12 meters. Variations in precipitation cause the water level to vary somewhat, and therefore also the height down to the water from the piled jetty. Also, keep in mind that the jetty can become slippery when wet.

The wood-fired sauna at the far end of the jetty can be booked. However, it’s usually possible to swim from the jetty while the sauna is in use, but it’s important to show consideration for each other.

Shower and toilet

There are no toilets or showers down at the swimming area, but guests staying at the campsite have access to the service house located approximately 100 meters from the swimming area.

Take care!

As with most swims in Swedish lakes, there are no lifeguards present, so be cautious and do not expose yourself or others to unnecessary risks. All swimming is at your own risk. There is a lifebuoy at the end of the sauna which should only be used in emergencies. If the lifebuoy is missing or damaged, please inform us as soon as possible.


Swimming spots in the vicinity

Therefore, we have gathered links to various swimming spots in the vicinity here.

Skara Sommarland

Skara Sommarland (Skara Summerland) is a given destination for many of our guests.

Type: Water park, outdoor
Distance: 4 km
Cost: Yes, admission

Arenabadet Skövde

The Arena Bath (arenabadet) in Skövde is a really good indoor water park. Suitable for all weather!

Type: Water park, indoor
Distance: 17 km
Cost: Yes, admission


Swimming spot at Lake Skärvalången. Jetties, toilets, and plenty of parking spaces.

Type: Swimming spot, outdoor
Distance: 4 km
Cost: No, Free!


Large swimming area with barbecue areas, grassy areas, playground, and beautiful trails around Lake Flämsjön.

Type:Swimming spot, outdoor
Distance: 11 km
Cost: No, Free!