Valle Camping is located by Lake Husgärdessjön in the beautiful Valle region. On one of the jetties you will find our wood-fired sauna. From the jetty you can jump directly into the lake. Whatever the weather, a sauna followed by a bath is a wonderfully relaxing experience.

As a guest in our cottages, hostels or campsites, you can rent the sauna at a discounted price. But even those who do not live with us have the opportunity to rent the sauna for a relaxing sauna bath all year round.

How to book?

Reservations can be made by phone +4651162109, e-mail ( or through the reception.

If you are not staying with us, you need to contact us at least 7 days in advance to check availability and make your reservation.

Rental time?

As the sauna is wood-fired, the time you rent the sauna depends on whether someone else has been there before you. That is, whether it is heated or not.

The booking and prices are therefore for 3 hours of sauna in the case of an unheated sauna and for 2 hours of sauna in the case of a heated sauna.

You light the fire yourself and it takes about 30-40 minutes to heat up the sauna, depending on the temperature you want to bathe at.

So you book a time you want to bathe and from that time you can either have access to the sauna for 2 or 3 hours.

How many people?

The sauna has benches on two levels and can accommodate 6-8 people.

What does it cost?

For those staying at Valle Camping

For accommodation at Valle Camping, the price for renting the sauna during your stay with us, unless otherwise stated, is 300 SEK for 2-3 hours of sauna (see, Rental time?). This includes a sauna for up to 4 people.

If you are more than 4, there is a charge of 75 SEK per person for each additional person. (Children under 13 may accompany a guardian at no extra cost).

For those who have booked a group accommodation package or similar where sauna is included, other conditions apply, see separate conditions in connection with each offer.

For those not staying at Valle Camping

If you are not staying with us but want to rent the sauna, the price is 600 SEK for 2-3 hours of sauna (see, Rental time?). This includes a sauna for up to 4 people.

If there are more than 4 of you, there is a charge of 75 SEK per person for each additional person over the age of 12. (Children under 13 may accompany a guardian at no extra cost).

Practical information

Wood for heating the sauna is included. Showers and toilets are available during the regular season in the service building, which is just over 100 metres from the sauna. Out of season we are unfortunately not able to provide shower facilities.

You can also ask us about the possibility of borrowing the beach cabin with seating indoors or under the roof to perhaps combine the sauna with a meal on site.


Payment can be made in cash, by swish or by card payment (VISA and Mastercard) and takes place at the latest at the time of collection of the key.

What are the rules for renting the sauna?

The persons who makes the reservation for the sauna is responsible for ensuring that the rules are followed by everyone in the party.

  • Keys are collected and returned at reception unless otherwise agreed.
  • Firewood is collected at the designated place and you do the lighting yourself. We’ll be happy to give you advice on how to heat up the sauna fast.
  • All sauna and bathing is at your own risk. Be aware that the dock and floor can get wet and slippery, so take it easy.
  • Other guests also have access to the bathing jetty, but you have the sauna to yourself.
  • The sauna heater gets very hot. When filling the firewood, open the lid with a piece of wood or similar to avoid burning yourself.
  • After the sauna is finished, the sauna must be cleaned out so that it looks as it did when you arrived, and all rubbish must be taken and disposed of in a marked place at the service building.
  • The sauna must be locked after the end of the sauna and the key returned to the reception.


0511-62109 – info@vallecamping.seHow to find Valle Camping

Sauna bridge hang
The sauna at the end of the pier


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