Skara Sommarland

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Just a few kilometres from Valle Camping you will find Skara sommarland, “Scandinavia’s largest water park”. It is therefore perhaps no surprise that we are a camping and holiday village for many visitors to the theme park. With us you can continue your bathing with a dip in the lake, but at the same time enjoy the peace and quiet of nature with accommodation just outside the park.

Skara sommarland is a fantastic amusement park with nearly 50 attractions ranging from water slides and roller coasters to go-kart tracks.

Don’t miss this year’s new ride at Skara Sommarland. It seems that a variant of the old Bumper boats is back – the Badring Bumbers. Sounds like fun anyway!




Skara sommarland calls itself Skandiavia’s largest water park and it certainly lives up to that title. There are lots of fun water attractions at the amusement park.

For the more adventurous, there are rides like Vortex, Big Drop, and Cobra. For the smaller or perhaps only the less daring, there is Pirate Island and the lagoon.


The Tivoli Park has several cool and unique rides such as Snake, Newton and the Crane (linked to the local crane dance at Lake Hornborga) but there are also rides suitable for less daring and younger riders such as the Radio Cars, the Mine Ride, Convoy and the Teacups.


The amusement park has three go-kart tracks suitable for children and adults of different ages. However, the go-cart for those who are bigger costs extra.


Although Bert Karlsson founded Skara Sommarland in 1984, Skara has had other owners for the past 20 years and is now part of Parks and Resorts Scandinavia, which also includes amusement parks such as Kolmården Zoo, Gröna Lund and Furuvik.


The park is usually open from June to August. During the pre-season, queues can be much shorter even at weekends. If it’s a bit chilly, there are even wetsuits for hire at the water park so you can move between the different slides to get the maximum amount of rides in a day.

For tickets and more information visit the Skara Sommarlandwebsite. more information and more excursion tips can also be found on Sommar i Skara.

Photo: Skara Sommarland

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