Valle Camping is a small camping facility by a lake in the beautiful Valle region. Nearby, there are several unique cultural-historical environments and nature reserves with special natural values. People have lived and worked in this region since the Stone Age, and we aim to do our part to ensure that future generations will also have the opportunity to live in or visit our beautiful region.

Camping and inviting guests to visit us obviously affects the environment, but we strive to ensure that our operations have as little unnecessary environmental impact as possible, while at the same time ensuring that our guests have the best possible stay.

Here are some of the things we’re doing to reduce our environmental impact:

  • The sauna on the jetty is heated by wood from trees grown on our land. (The bathing temperature in the lake is left to nature’s discretion.)
  • Our guests are offered the opportunity to recycle waste.
  • We take our drinking water from municipal water and the sewage goes to the municipal treatment plant.
  • We avoid disposable packaging where possible and encourage visitors to use their own towels instead of disposable products.
  • We choose cleaning products, hygiene products and other chemicals that do not harm the environment
  • We try to reduce our electricity consumption by not having lighting, cooling/heating on if not necessary.
  • We help our visitors find alternative ways to get around and recommend local restaurants and places to visit in the local area.
  • We inform our visitors about the right of public access “allemansrätten” and how to reduce their environmental impact as a tourist in the area.

Valle Camping is a family-owned business, and everyone working at the campsite lives in the nearby area. Our operations are a part of our local community, and we strive to contribute positively to its development. We believe in cooperation and that we are stronger together when it comes to supporting the community’s growth. Our summer employees do a fantastic job, and we are pleased to provide job opportunities for the local youth who are entering the workforce. When maintenance work or construction is needed on the premises, we utilize local resources to support the local economy.

We see sustainability as an integral part of our regular operations, where we continuously strive to improve what we do. Some projects we are currently working on include reviewing how we can produce our own heat/energy on the farm, offering charging facilities for electric vehicles, and replacing faucets and fixtures with high-quality but water-efficient alternatives.

Together, we can ensure that we use our resources wisely and enjoy our holidays without reducing the opportunities for future generations to vacation and experience our pleasures, nature and history.


Valle Camping is also affiliated with Hållbarhetsklivet (Stepping up sustainability Initiative), an initiative for a sustainable tourism industry in Western Sweden.
“Hållbarhetsklivet” is driven by the West Sweden Tourist Board and serves as a platform for both public and private entities in the efforts to transition towards a sustainable society. Learn more on their website… www.hå

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