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Power Big Meet 2023

Power Meet in Lidköping or Power Big Meet as it is also called will take place in Lidköping (2023) july 6-8.

Up to 20 000 vehicles

The Car Rally focuses on classic American cars and has been held since 1978. This year the 44th power meet will be held,

The event is now held on the first weekend in July and is organised by the American Car Club Sweden (ACCS) and the company Power Meet AB.

The event is by far one of the largest car gatherings, attracting as many as 20,000 vehicles during the days it runs. Many have travelled far from various places in Europe to come to the meeting.

Crusing and raggarvigslar

In addition to the folk festival and market at Hovby, a crusing event with up to 200 cars will be held on Friday. It starts from Hovby Airport at 17:00 and goes into the centre of Lidköping. The finest cars will be awarded on Saturday.

The day before, so-called “raggar” weddings are also held, officiated by Big Pappa Bergström, who is a civil registrar.

Opening hours and entrance to Power Meet

Powe Meet will be held between 7-9 July 2022 and the opening hours on the different days are Thursday 11-18, Friday 8-18 and Saturday 8-18. Admission is 150 SEK on Thursday and 200 SEK on the other days. Weekend trips cost 400 SEK and 15 years and younger go free in the company of an adult. Check the website for any. changes in prices and opening hours. Link to the website can be found further down the page.

If you have a USA car/enthusiast car, you can enter the exhibition area itself, otherwise you have to pack outside.

Find it and read more

Hovby Airfield is located about two kilometres south of Lidköping. Link to map.

Visit the website for..

Power Meet: https://bigmeet.com/ or
American Car Club Sweden: https://americar.org/

Book accommodation

Valle camping is located about 25 minutes from Lidköping and we are pleased that more and more visitors to Power Meet choose to stay at our campsite during the festivities. You can easily park your car right next to your accommodation.

Book Cabin, room or campsite to visit Power Meet or other events here.

Book in advance

The weekend is so popular that our cottages and other accommodation are usually booked up early, so it’s important to get there early if you want to guarantee your accommodation during the power meet.

Welcome to the Power Meet!


Caravan American

PHOTO: Big Meet https://bigmeet.com/

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