Swedish summer can include the occasional rain shower. If it does rain, it’s good to know that there is covered seating in the Lake hut (Strandstugan) right by the lake. Here you are protected from the elements near the water, the jetty and the sauna.

Open to all campers

As long as the lake hut is not booked for any activity, you are welcome to bring your food here and sit under the roof. Here we share the space. It’s easy to bring the barbecue and place it outside the roof.

Please note that smoking is not allowed in the lake hut or under the roof and that pets may be left outside when several people are staying here. Pets may never be brought into the hut.

Please also note that the lake hut may be booked, in which case the one holding the reservation decides who has access to the lake hut.

For everyone’s well-being, of course, you clean up after yourself. Wipe the tables and put the chairs in order. Please take your rubbish to the designated place at the service building. Make sure that any grill or lights are off. Also check that you haven’t forgotten anything or dropped anything on the floor.


The Lake hut

During parts of the season we also keep the cottage itself unlocked. Inside you will find a simple kitchenette and some additional seating.


The beach cottage can accommodate about 40 people outdoors under cover and can be subscribed for larger groups, for example in connection with a group booking of accommodation. Contact us for availability and information on prices (info@vallecamping.se, +4651162109). Why not combine a sauna with fishing and a nice barbecue.

    Group in the beach hut