Husgärdessjön is one of all lakes in the Valle area and the lake is 11.5 metres deep and has an area of 0.33 square kilometres.

Here you can find perch, pike, bream, roach, tench and tench. On this page you can read about the rules for fishing in Husgärdessjön from Valle Camping.

Fishing – IS NOT INCLUDED in the right of public access

As you may know, neither hunting nor fishing is included in the right of public access. Fishing rights in Husgärdessjön are individual and held by the owners of the fishing rights. There are no fishing licenses available and the public is not allowed to fish in the lake.

If you stay with us, you can get a permit to fish

Fishing in Husgärdessjön

However, if you can prove that you are staying at Valle Camping, you can fish in Husgärdessjön with a permit from the owner of the fishing rights. You can get this permit free of charge by contacting the reception. Such authorisation is subject to a number of rules, see below.






Fishing from the campsite if you are not staying with us at the same time is therefore not allowed and requires a separate detailed permit. You must be able to prove that you are staying with us in order to fish in the lake. Failure to comply with our rules may result in the withdrawal of your right to fish, even if you are staying with us.

Contact the reception

Please let us know at the reception if you want to fish in the lake during your stay at Valle Camping. Of course, we’d also love to hear your fishing stories from your lake fishing.


Fishing takes place from the “fishing jetty” which is the right jetty down by the bathing area. It is therefore NOT allowed to fish from the left jetty with the sauna, whether there are other guests there or not.

It is NOT allowed to fish from a boat or other floating device. If you are staying with us, you may only fish from the fishing pier. Violations of this will immediately lead to the withdrawal of the right to fish, which means that fishing will be illegal.

Fishing is only allowed from the campsite (i.e. not from other piers or land around the lake).

You may only use hook gear. You may use a rod with spinner, drag or fly.

Other forms of fishing equipment inclucing net fishing is NOT allowed.

Crayfishing is NOT allowed.


There are also several opportunities for fishing in nearby lakes. Information about fishing rules, fishing licenses and more can be found in the links below or by searching on where you can also buy fishing licenses for several of the lakes.

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Read more about fishing and the right of public access on…(pages might only be available in swedish, please use translator service)

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Husgärdessjön overview


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