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Barbecuing is part of summer for many of us, especially when you stay at Valle Camping. At Valle campsite there are barbecues and barbecue areas to borrow when it’s time for a barbecue. You bring the coal, briquettes and lighting equipment.

Borrow a grill

Feel free to borrow one of our charcoal grills that are placed around the area.. If you have forgotten to buy charcoal, please contact us at reception.

Barbecuing is only allowed in a proper barbecue with a height of at least 40 cm above the ground. Barbecuing in disposable barbecues or directly on the ground is therefore not allowed because of the fire risk.

All grilling must be done with caution and at an appropriate distance from all combustible materials. The barbecue must be placed on a flat and non-combustible surface at least one metre away from buildings, tents, vehicles or caravans.

Make sure you know where fire extinguishers and other extinguishing equipment are located.

Used charcoal/briquettes should be left in a special designated place at the service building and should not be placed with other rubbish (used charcoal and briquettes can retain heat and be a firehazard for up to three days!).

For all barbecues on the site, our fire safety rules must be followed. You can find them here.

barbecues and barbecue areas

Barbecue at Valle Camping


There are also barbecue areas on the site where you can make a fire and sit around the campfire. If you want to burn firewood on the barbecue area, firewood can be purchased, please contact the reception. Of course, you can’t break branches and the like to make a fire.




Even in our barbecue areas, fire safety rules must be followed. You can find them here.

Fire safety rules

  • Any fire bans must be observed.
  • All barbecues and fires must take place in grills at least 40 cm above the ground or in a designated fireplace.
  • Barbecue/fire must not be left unattended
  • Disposable barbecues are not allowed due to the fire risk they pose.
  • Anyone lighting a barbecue/fire in a fireplace is responsible for finding out where the nearest fire extinguisher is and for ensuring that possible extinguishing equipment (e.g. bucket of water) is available at the barbecue/fireplace.
  • The person who lights the barbecue or fire is also responsible for putting it out.
  • Lighter fluid and other flammable liquids must be kept at least three metres away from the barbecue.
  • Used charcoal or briquettes should not be thrown away with other garbage. Used charcoal/fuel may only be placed in the designated area at the service building.
  • If there is a fire: rescuewarnalarm (112)– extinguish. That is: save people in danger, warn the surroundings and alert the emergency services. If possible, move camping equipment and other combustibles and try to extinguish if you have an extinguisher or hose, but do not take unnecessary risks.

More information on fire safety and camping can be found on the website of the Fire Protection Association and in this brochure : Fire Safe Camping. (links might only be avalable in swedish, please use translator or ask if you need some explanations).

If you have any questions, you can always contact us at reception: +46511621 09




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