Padel courts


For those who like to play padel, it is not far to the nearest padel court. Axvall padel is located in the nearest town Axvall a few kilometers away.

More padel courts are available in Skara and Skövde. Below we link to some of them.

Axvall padel

Axvall padel is two outdoor courts (one single and one double). The courts are located at Axvalls IP and Axevalla Folkhögskola where you can also use their changing rooms if you want. Equipment can be hired on site. Read more on the facebook page or in the playtomic app.

Padel at Skara Summerland

Skara sommarlands camping (about 5 km) from Valle Camping also has padel courts. We Love Padel – WLP Skara Sommarland has two outdoor courts. Booking of courses is done via matchi

Padelcenter Skara

At Skaras Padelcenter you can play padel indoors. There are 4 lanes and changing rooms. If you don’t have your own equipment, you can rent racks and buy balls from a vending machine. Read more on the summer caravan.

Skara padel

Skara Padel has 4 courts and two changing rooms. Racks and balls are available to borrow in the hall. Read more on the summer caravan.

About padel

Padel can be described as a mix between squash and tennis. Just like a tennis court, a padel court has two halves with a net in between. However, it is also allowed that the ball goes into the walls, which is more similar to the rules of squash.

Padel is played on a court that is 10×20 metres (double court) or possibly 6×20 metres (single court) and the court halves are separated by a net just like on a tennis court. As walls may also be used in the game, the rear of the pitch is covered with glass walls.

More details about padel and how to calculate points and more on the Swedish Padel Federation’s website.

Then it was just a matter of putting two teams together and good luck!

Axevalla racecourse - Stochampionatet