Axevalla Racecourse and the StoChampionatet


Stochampionat weekend (Trippeltravet) 2023

The Stochampionat weekend (Trippeltravet/Tripple trotting race) at Axevalla trotting track runs from Friday to Sunday week 29. That is July, 21- 23.

The Stochampionatet in July every year

Every year in July, the triple trot StoChampionatet is held at Axevalla racecourse. Many of those who rent a cottage or stay at our campsite that weekend also usually visit this trotting event.

Trotting event

With more than 25,000 visitors and around 40 different races during the StoChampionat weekend, this trotting festival at Axevalla racecourse is also one of the country’s biggest trotting event by far. The highlight, the StoChampionatet itself with 4-year-old mares is held on Sunday.

Tradition for many

Many visitors return year after year and the weekend has become an important tradition for many trotting enthusiasts. The proximity to Skara Sommarland means that even other, perhaps not so great, trotting enthusiasts usually appreciate the trip to Skara and Axevalla racecourse.

Book in advance

The weekend is so popular that our cottages and other accommodation are usually booked up early, so it’s important to get out early if you want to guarantee your accommodation this weekend.

Other prices of accommodation

The high demand for accommodation this weekend can also mean a slightly higher price for accommodation this particular weekend, see prices for each accommodation.

Axevalla racecourse

Axevalla racecourse is located along road 49 towards Skara, about 3 kilometres from Valle Camping. At Axevalla racecourse there are of course other competitions that you can read more about on their website.

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Book accommodation

Here you can rent a cottage or book a room, camping site or parking space for the stallion championships and other trotting events at Axevalla racecourse.

Getting to Axevalla racecourse and the StoChampionatet

Photo: Axevalla racecourse

Axevalla racecourse - Stochampionatet
Axevalla racecourse - Stochampionatet